"Walk into the darkness"


What is Skullstone?

Skullstone is a dungeon crawling rpg inspired mainly by the legendary title of the genre – Dungeon Master. Choose your team of mercenaries and explore dark corridors of the Skullstone dungeon. Fight monsters and solve puzzles to reach deeper levels. Find treasures and powerful items to make your characters able to deal with all the nasty creatures. Reach the deepest level and defeat the greatest evil.

Skullstone’s also the name of the dungeon the player explores. An ancient skull made of stone rose from the ground. Evil creatures started spewing out of its mouth, killing peasants, snatching women and children. People need your help… and they promised great riches to their saviors! Evil needs to be stopped!


  • Choose from 20 different characters with different active and passive skills
  • Explore vast dungeon levels made in few different visual styles
  • Fight against unique monsters
  • Find best ways to defeat enemies able to curse you and attack you at range
  • Visit the town to receive quests and claim rewards
  • Listen to the impressive ambient and dungeon synth OST



Available characters are explorers and mercenaries, who upon learning about Skullstone’s appearance decide to take whatever may be found in it. Each of twenty characters has his own set of skills and unique abilities. Some are mighty warriors, others are swift thieves, skillful archers and even powerful magicians. Player creates his team by picking four of those characters, and then navigates the dungeon, solving puzzles, killing monsters, finding items and completing quests.

Differences among characters allow a large number of combinations of the player’s team. Two warriors and two magicians? A knight, a barbarian, an archer, and a cleric? It’s up to you. Find the best combination and fight the evil beings!


Evil beasts roam the dark corridors of the Skullstone dungeon. Some are normal creatures changed forever by magical influence, some are nasty monsters dwelling only underground. There also are golems and scary abominations, created by hands of evil warlocks to do their bidding.


Do not think those beasts are just mad with hunger, running fast just to get a bite of human flesh. They are smart and patient, able to curse you and attack at range. Do not enter the Skullstone dungeon if you don’t feel ready to face the real challenge!


The entirety of music you hear in Skullstone is composed by a band know as Popiół Kurchanów. Impressive ambient and dungeon synth will accompany the player throughout all the level of Skullstone.

Check out their Facebook page to learn more of them, and their Soundcloud page to hear more of their creations.