"Walk into the darkness"

Are you brave enough to walk into
the mouth of Skullstone?

1An ancient structure, long buried under Lisenian woods, is slowly rising due to unknown forces. Skullstone stands on top of it – a dreaded entrance into the darkness below. Evil creatures come out of it killing brave men, snatching frail women and helpless children. While local monks waste time praying in their monastery and deciding how to deal with the stream of evil beings, people of the town of Lisentar act on their own by calling for mercenaries who can save them.

na-www-2yChoose from 20 pre-made characters, each with different set of skills and abilities. Tough warriors, agile archers, healing clerics, and powerful wizards are all waiting for your sign. Gather the best team and lead it into the Skullstone dungeon. Accept quests, kill monsters, find treasures and claim rewards. Develop your mercenaries to survive the dangers hidden in the darkness, progress through different levels and prepare to face the ultimate evil!


na-www-3Skullstone is not yet available for purchase. We wanted to finish work on the game in 2017, but it turned out that there is too much work and not enough free time. The next date we set was Q3 / Q4 2018 and again – we wasn’t able to finish the work in time. Now we can finally say that we are close to completing the game.

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