"Walk into the darkness"

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Skullstone be released?

When it’s done. It should happen in 2020/2021. At least we hope so.

What will be the game more about? Combat, puzzles, or exploration?

Gameplay will definitely be more about combat. We introduced quite a few fresh ideas to make Skullstone stand out from other dungeon crawlers. Each character has his own set of skills and abilities. Monsters are able to hurt you at range and lower your mobility. All that in order to make battles more challenging and interesting.

At the same time, we believe people who value exploration and puzzles won’t be disappointed as well. Large levels, hidden rooms, quests given by the town inhabitants and various dungeon environments will keep players busy.

Will there be bugs?

YES! Among all the monsters you’ll fight there will be some bugs as well. Kill them with fire magic!

Jokes aside, we are working hard to achieve the best quality. We’re constantly testing every added feature to squish every bug we can find as soon as possible. Even if some of them reach the final product they won’t last long. We will be supporting the game by releasing patches and updates.

Where will be the game available?

You will be able to buy the game through our website and few online game shops. We will also appear on Steam.

I wanna play sooner!

We’re planning beta tests and demo version. Stay tuned, we will announce every occasion to play Skullstone before it’s released!

What are your inspirations?

Original titles of the genre: Dungeon Master (shown on the picture), Stonekeep and similar. We are great fans of those games and want to recreate what we felt playing them many years ago.

How can I contact you?

Plenty of ways! You can send us an e-mail at contact@skullstonegame.com or send us a message via our Facebook and IndieDB pages. You can also tweet us.

Can I talk to you in person?

Sure. We will most probably appear on some Polish gaming events in 2018.

Hi, I’m an artist/designer/writer. Can I join Black Torch Studio?

The team is full at the moment. But there’s no harm in asking! Prepare your portfolio. 😉

I have other questions.

Contact and ask us anything. We’re eager to answer your questions! Help us improve our FAQ page.